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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Wanna hear a hot erotic story? I wrote a few erotic stories. Here are some samples of my stories I have for sale. Or you can call me and I will read you a bedtime story. My stories are hot and steamy and are sure to get a rise out of you. So kick back get comfy and get ready to hear my dreams and hot dreams come to life in a story!

I just had the hottest dream.
I was in a club dancing and having some drinks, when a sexy
guy starts dancing with me..he didnt even bother asking he
just started to dance and grind his hot body against mine. I
can see he was getting excited he had very tight jeans on.
His hands started to move up my body towards my ass and
almost under my skirt.If he went any higher the whole club would have seen my
already wet thong. We kept dancing or grinding intil the
music ended and we went to the bar and met a few of his
friends 2 other really hot guys. The blonde had tight
leather pants on and a black tank top very sexy. the other
guy is brunnete just like the guy I was dancing with both
dressed in jeans and a T.We drank and talked a bit when the guys asked if i wanted
to go party The dream seemed to skip a beat cause we were
now at some kind of house or apt. music was playing and I
was served more drinks. One of the guys came over and
started to kiss me and grind and rub all over my body the
other 2 sat and watched for a bit than they started to
touch my body and started to take off their shirts and un
butten their pants. They stopped touching me and told me
to take off my clothes that they wanted to wacth me
remove my clothes.

buy now and hear the rest..or call me and I will read it to you!
Hot and sexy dream
I was so horny last nite when I finally fell asleep under the
fan and laying there naked trying to stay cool in the heat.
my cooler doesnt seem to be working very well I may have to
call the guy to come and fix it he really likes being up in my
apt. fixing things lol maybe Ill tease him a bit I will let you
know (wink wink)Well BACK TO MY DREAM...I feel
asleep thinking of a really hot girl I had the hots for when I used to dance and how I would love to touch her hot body all over this got me so excited the thought of her being next to
me made me so wet she had the sexist green eyes and olive
skin and dark long hair We started kissing and feeling all over eachother her skin
felt so warm against mine I was getting so wet touching her
soft body. I was getting wetter and wetter by the second.


he unbuttened the top of my outfit and put his hands in my top
and rubbed my tits he undid my bra that hooked in the
front he pulled my towards him and licked my nipples as one
hand squeezed my breats the other hand found its way to
my very wet panties his pulled my panties aside with his
fingers and his finger was now inside my wet pussy.I started
to moan lowly He finger fucked my harder and faster I felt
myself building up to cum all over his fingers we were both
breathing pretty fast now and his cock was so hard and
looking so good I bent over and found a way to put his cock
in my mouth while may ass way in the air and close enough
for him to pull my panties down and finger me hard and
fast. I sucked him hard and fast he tastes so good.

Are you worked up yet? Writting these stories makes me hot so I would love for you to come play with me on the phone..I will read you the story or you can buy the rest of the story and get all worked up and than come and play with me(wink) I have alot more stories I wrote! Click my buy me buttens and check them out!

Mr Fix~it
a hot story about the fix it guy fixing my plumbing lol

these materials and stories are the sole property of
©Erotic Redhead and not to be copied or reproduced
without the express permission of the owner


Blogger dreamry said...

This is one exciting book and one that I heartily recommend.

November 29, 2005  

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